Mikalah Gordon So Funny It Hurts

So Funny it Hurts

Is laughter truly the best medicine? It has become a challenge to navigate through these modern times with social media, politics, cancel culture, and life after a pandemic. Self proclaimed trauma queen and comedian Mikalah Gordon interviews your favorite funny people and explores the trauma that made them that way. Laugh til you cry or cry til you laugh, conversations about mental health, may just be what the doctor ordered.

Mikalah Gordon

Mikalah Gordon

At sixteen years old, Mikalah Gordon became the youngest top 12 contestant on American Idol. She went on to host “American Idol Extra” and “The Tyra Banks Show.” Proving she could do it all, Mikalah showed off her acting chops where she starred in “Living With Fran” with Fran Drescher and “The Unit” on CBS. Having a knack for comedy, Mikalah began her stand up career in 2015 and found social media fame by impersonating Melania Trump in the height of the pandemic where she gained 1.6 million followers on TikTok. She is a member of the LGBTQ community (invite only) and was the host for the first national LGBTQ morning show for four years on Channel Q. Mikalah released her first album in September, where she used it to advocate for women’s rights, mental health, and the LGBTQ community. You can catch Mikalah every Friday on 8/7 central on the CW where she corresponds for season 3 of “Worlds Funniest Animals.”